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Museo TMB contains the history of three companies that in 2011 have become one big reality.

Founded in 1961, TMB was established as a mechanical workshop Betto Antonio in Pernumia for mechanical machining services for third parties. The company begins with the processing of details for the Sit La Precisa, then switch to the heaters Aton, to detect the molds themselves and to produce them entirely by themselves. The only constant: the aluminum.

In 1980, the first investments on numerical control machines began, increasing production and precision, removing the operator from tiring assignments.

In 1990 TMB moved to Monselice, where it began to expand its extension and to manage internally suppliers and quality control, up to the ISO certifications.

In the crisis period of 2008, suppliers can no longer manage the volumes required by TMB for customers, but they need guarantees. This is why TMB starts to think about the installation of an internal foundry.

After being a project partner, TMB acquires Grimeca, which is sold through an announcement. This has led TMB to be one of the world's leading aluminium machining companies in the sectors of 2 and 4 wheel vehicles.

Grimeca (GRIllini-MEnarini-CAnè) was founded in 1953 in San Lazzaro di Savena, as a manufacturing company for castings and hubs produced by the Amadori Foundry. In 1960 Grimeca dedicated itself to the first supply of components for mopeds, and then devoted himself to the melting of aluminium and light alloys.

Since 1970, Grimeca opened new technologically advanced factories to guarantee the required volumes. It is in recent years that the Bassano in Ceregnano is being taken over, where part of the productive activity is transferred.

At the beginning of the years 2000 Grimeca launches a line of spare parts for motorcycles and scooters in the AfterMarket, as well as producing first equipment for motorcycles worldwide.

Between 2009 and 2011 all the activity of Grimeca was finally centralized in Ceregnano, then joined the TMB group in 2011, which also opens the way in the automotive sector.

In 2015 the management decided to open a company in the name of Grimeca Srl, which became an autonomous centre of engineering Services for two-wheeled vehicles.

Alutecnos is a small entrepreneurial story of people that have passionately believed in their ideas and, through alternating moments of disappointment and enthusiasm, sacrifice and dedication, have written their own story, the story of Albacore. People ready to face new challenges and new scenarios that will quickly define our next future and which new perspectives and markets will soon rise from, where new materials and innovative technologies will also lead man and companies through the vortex of the third millennium markets.