Monselice & Ceregnano: our plants - TMB SpA - Tel: +39 0425 476000 - Fax: +39 0429 75380

Monselice (PD)

We work in 3 plants located within a range of 1 Km, out of which three are production plants and the fourth one is used for storage.

Altogether, our four manufacturing plants occupy a covered area of 18.000 square meters,on an uncovered area of more than 60.000 square meters.
The building capacity still available for future enlargement is about 10.000 square meters.


Plant no. 1

Design and build of special polycrystalline diamond/hard metal tools

Design and build of clamping tooling

Design and build of leak test machines

Production manufacturing, implementation of robotized automation systems

Technical assistance service and machine maintenance

Study, research and development of new processes

Machining of smaller die cast parts, pressed parts, forged parts, standard bars

Plant no. 2

It is the seat of operational and managerial offices
Plant for manufacturing of engine blocks up to 4 cylinders and gear boxes for:

  • snowmobiles
  • go karts
  • motorcycles
  • water scooters
  • parakites
  • marine reversing gear boxes

Plant no. 3

This plant is exclusively dedicated to the automotive sector

Automated production lines have been installed to strongly reduce labor, to compete and win the challenge on the level of quality/price against low cost markets.

Typical products:

  • oil pumps
  • water pumps
  • electrical steering gear boxes
  • rack seat for hydraulic steering system

Ceregnano (RO)

A company organized as industrial centre

The Ceregnano plant is located near Rovigo and extends over a surface area of 545.000 square meters.

It includes 18 facilities, for a total roofed area of 272.000 squared meters.