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Company policy

We intend to sustain a well-balanced and diversified company, capable of steady growth in a broad marketplace.

We do not necessarily aspire to become the largest of all the companies in our trade, but we fully intend to be the most efficient and competitive.

We shall diligently capitalise on our efforts, which are the result of many years of fruitful experience in the field of precision machining. At the same time, we want to build the most modern mechanical company of its kind, determined to seek out new fields of development in which to apply our capital and human resources and our capabilities as well as our production and organisational skills.
We also want to extend the range of our current and future technological structures to new areas of development in order to assure further growth and minimise the effects of cyclical fluctuations.

Our policies and primary goals are summarised as follows:


To achieve the right economic results in order to ensure long-term development and stability

To create opportunities and incentives for our staff by fostering ongoing professional, social and cultural improvement

To achieve sector leadership in terms of quality, developing the most advanced technologies and attentively serving the needs and requests of our current and future customer base

To maintain clear and honest relationships with our suppliers in order to be able to rely on their optimal delivery of goods and services

To play our part as good citizens and to act for the good of the community